Monday, 1 February 2016

The Damned, the first in my The Darkest Hand trilogy, is one of Amazon's 'Picks of the Month' for Feb. Get it cheap!

Just been told that The Damned, the first in my The Darkest Hand trilogy, is one Amazon's 'Picks of the Month' for February!

You can now own this first episode in the life of Inquisitor Poldek Tacit for just £1.69 or $3.24 in Australia. (Sorry, for my friends in the US and Canada, it arrives 1st March on your shores!)

Critically acclaimed, The Damned follows the adventures of Catholic Inquisitor Poldek Tacit at the start of World War One as he hunts down the killer of a Catholic Father within the city of Arras close to the trenches of the Western Front. However, quickly he discovers a far greater and more sinister plot which could have ramifications not just the church he serves but for the whole world.

"Engaging, intense and full of visceral descriptions, 'The Damned' is a sublime work of dark fiction meets mystery, meets horror that recalls the likes of 'Anno Dracula', 'Hellsing', and 'Constantine', with a hint of 'Fight Club'." (Intravenous Magazine)

"Richardson does a wonderful job of setting the scene; there’s plenty of atmosphere…The historical elements are fascinating, as is the author’s twist on the werewolf mythos, but the brooding, conflicted Tacit is the most compelling element. The conclusion will leave readers looking forward to the next installment." (Publishers Weekly)

"Allegorical and erudite, this imaginative first volume establishes a world, a monolithic villain, and a catapult for Tacit and Isabella, Sandrine and Frost to confront the evil lurking in the volumes to come." (Kirkus)

"Richardson's debut has mash-up leanings ... It works surprisingly well." (Daily Mail)

Download the The Damned, the Amazon Pick of the Week, from here UK or here Australia

You can also download the ebook preview to The Damned FOR FREE from UK or here Australia

Finally, the second installment to the Darkest Hand is released May 5th on Trade Paperback format. Reserve your copy now!

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